Italian design furniture

Italian design furniture

Craftsmanship design

Fiam is leader in Italian design furniture production.
Our work extended in years, starting from innovative and elegant tables like ‘RAGNO’ to ‘GHOST’, Cini Boeri’s vanguard armchair; we are in a continuous evolution, ready to see what glass has to offer, basing also on the developing technologies.
In addition to all this there is the quality of the Italian design, that makes our furniture a must-have.

Since 1973 Fiam Italia is able to put together glass craftsmanship and design.
Is the long experience that makes it possible to make designers and artists’ ideas concrete.
Sculpting and bending craftsmanship, together with the engraving ability, enable to create amazing shapes, monolithic pieces of furniture, born from a detailed design.
Passion for glass and for its feature pushes our company to overcome the boundaries of crystal design furniture.

Handmade design

Expertise and care for details are fundamental values in the handmade production of our unique design furniture.
Every product is handmade realized, so every piece of furniture is different from another one, it has the special touch of a master craftsman, who follows the design of the draftsman. 
Our workers’ special skills are supported by the new technologies, so that extravagant and modern design ideas can be realized.

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