Handmade furniture

Handmade furniture

Furnishings glass

Masters craftsmen, who have years of experience in the field of handmade glass work, guarantee the quality of our furniture.
The art of sculpting, which allows to create incredible forms and drawings.
The bending: glass is bended at high temperatures, and fluid shapes appear.
The silvering process and the engraving, handmade processes which make our furniture unique.

Glass furnishings can decorate the space without being invasive, they can fit everywhere.
Glass is transparent, plays with light, it gives elegance to the ambient and its character does not affect what is around it, but completes it and gives a special touch.
It can be bended, sculpted and silvered, glass remains the  protagonist of unique furnishings which have no rivals talking about style, design and elegance.

Glass furnishings, as they are elegant and luxurious, are ideal for modern living, where having a strong image is always more important.
Crystal, creates magical effects with light, is a precious material, which is also strong and resistant, and that is why it is perfect for furniture.
From main furnishings, like tables or showcases, to little accessories, useful for modern living, like trays or magazine racks, glass can be used for everything. We are always researching and experimenting: we use our knowledge in this field, our experience, and combine it with new technologies; past meets future to offer you always more.

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