Curved crystal chair

Curved crystal chair

Crystal side tables


Fiam represents all over the world the Italian style, as one of the most famous furniture producers.
Our company works with famous foreigner designers, but most of all with Italian architects and artists, who create furniture full of style and functionality.
The list of the designers who have worked with us is very long, and on its way to continue.
We like experimenting and pushing the boundaries. Our aim is to overcome the line between furnishings and works of art.

GHOST, designed by Cini Boeri, is the most famous curved crystal chair, and it represents our company worldwide. This monolithic glass armchair was a revolution in the furniture field.
Starting from Ghost, we realized other curved crystal chairs, ideal to be around a lunch table or a desk:

  • Dandy
  • Dandy Girò
  • Dress
  • Ultra

These chairs are elegant and comfortable at the same time, and give a special style to all the ambient, because of their great visual impact.

Crystal is the right detail in an elegant room: glass side tables, for example, give a special touch to the living room.
ACCORDO, C&C, GINKO, GRILLO, MILO, NEXT: these are only few models of our crystal side tables, designed with care and with a modern approach.
In the same way you can add value also to your bedroom, putting a crystal bed side table next to your bed: ONDA CORTA, RIALTO NIGHT, TOKI.
You can choose the one ideal for your needs and which is closest to your personal taste, watching our on line catalogue.

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