Artistic furnishing

Artistic furnishing

Artistic glass items

All glass features can be expressed not just only in everyday furnishings, but also in the production of artistic creations: artists and designers created unique works which are shown in our exhibition areas.
Glass can be transformed, sculpted and mould so that the imagination of the artist can become real and concrete, through the work of our craftsman.
Osso di Seppia, Diagocrack, Fontana and many others are amazing glass work, which evidence the beauty of this material.
An artistic approach is applied to all our realizations: from furnishings to works of art.
Giugiaro Design, Cini Boeri, Philippe Starck.
These are just three designers among the great number, who worked together with Fiam Italia in order to create furniture rich of artistic value.
Designers from all over the world who managed to put together their ideas with the experience of our masters manufacturers.
Sure of the artistic potential of glass we established our aim: to exploit this great material, to transform it using the experience given by the time and to realize pieces of furniture who possess beauty and class.

In Fiam Italia’s exhibition areas it is possible to admire amazing glass artistic works: beautiful items which mix creativity and glass manufacture experience.

  • ‘Le Tavole Della Legge’ and ‘Le Formiche’ by Emilio Isgrò
  • ‘Osso Di Seppia’ by Arnaldo Pomodoro
  • ‘Diagocrack’ by Gianni Colombo
  • ‘Fontana’ by Bruno Munari
  • ‘Meteorite’ by Peppino Campanella
  • ‘Opera Multipla’ by Eugenio Carmi
  • ‘Relitti Di Scena’ by Umberto Mariani
  • ‘Zigurat’ by Massimo Marozzi

These are artistic glass items, result of great designers’ genius and the detailed work of our Masters, trying to exploit all the potential of glass.


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